Why diversity matters

Why diversity matters

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New research makes it increasingly clear that companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially.

2016-05-03 19:55:30

4/ There's a meme that diverse teams outperform homogeneous ones, but I've yet to see concrete proof that's generally true.

2016-05-03 19:59:35

9/ How can we improve the climate of discussion around diversity in tech? I'm genuinely afraid of talking about it and I know I'm not alone

2016-05-03 20:24:33

Worth mentioning : pointing to a few counterexamples just means it's not _necessary_. Doesn't say anything about its benefits.

2016-05-03 20:25:43

To answer your original question, there are a lot of studies I've seen. A lot come up when I Google "diversity company study".

2016-05-03 20:29:44

Was hoping you'd see this. Everywhere I've looked, there's a dearth of evidence showing that diversity creates winning teams.

2016-05-03 20:30:14

As I mentioned, http://economics.mit.edu/files/8851  was the only paper I was able to find that supported that. Most found no correlation.

2016-05-03 20:36:35

Awesome, thanks. Seems like I didn't look hard enough, will read all of them.

2016-05-03 20:37:21

http://www.catalyst.org/system/files/why_diversity_matters_catalyst_0.pdf … is a meta study, etc. Literally Googled "diverse company study" and these were 1st page. More in notes.

2016-05-04 07:05:18

Often #Diversity is termed as gender diversity but it's time we look beyond gender. #SourcingChat

2016-05-04 07:10:39

like caste and economic status? #sourcingchat

2016-05-04 07:13:54

. Like #LGBT, Ethnicity, PwD ,Multi Gen #Diversity #SourcingChat

2016-05-04 07:18:59

I would argue for ethnic representation too. Some one shared he was asked his caste in the interview #sourcingchat

2016-05-04 07:25:36

. Companies in the top quartile for racial & ethnic diversity are 35 percent more likely to have financial returns

2016-05-04 07:28:15

Indian data? Source?

2016-05-04 07:30:55

ah no Indian data. No Asian data too.

2016-05-04 07:37:57

This research done in 2010 is the closest we get in Indian context. http://www.schneider-ross.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Diversity-Inclusion-India-Research-2010.pdf …

2016-06-28 06:39:04

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